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Fake Identification Cards

Fake ID Cards: Legal Guidelines



Novelty ID cards can be fun to use with friends for a good laugh, or as a useful prop to add details in video productions. When buying fake IDs however, one needs to be careful when choosing sellers, as there are legal sellers that can produce quality items while there are also illegal sellers that can get you into trouble especially if you are looking to replicate a real ID. There are limitations in buying legal fake IDs, so here is a list of helpful to make sure it will not get you into trouble:


1.            Legal fake IDs should not infringe any copyrights and trademarks of any cards or documents


2.            Novelty ID cards should not be used to lie about one's identity or be intended for misrepresentation or deception about one's age or status.


3.            Legal sellers will ask you to sign a terms and conditions contract or waiver to make sure that buyers understand the limitations of use of novelty IDs and its legal liabilities when used illegally.


4.            Legal IDs cannot be replicated, and if you ask legal sellers about ordering such types of IDs, your information may be forwarded to authorities for investigation or warning. Examples are fake passports, fake school cards, fake driver's license, fake health cards, and others.


5.            Legal fake ID cards can only be used as novelty items, with a disclaimer ideally printed in a small font somewhere in the card to make sure it will not be used illegally.


Novelty IDs can come with printed holograms or overlays too, which is a popular option for buyers that want more details on their novelty ID cards, such as those used in movies where props need to look as realistic as possible, or for pranking friends at a party or other events. In essence, novelty or fake IDs, when legal, are not really identification cards because they can never be used for such purposes properly and legally.


They are only intended for novelty use like playing jokes, prop use, or for decorative purposes only such as to fill an empty space in your wallet, as any replication of legal IDs or creating IDs that do not contain true information are illegal and punishable by law, which may vary per jurisdiction, as some penalties may be harsher than the others. For those in doubt, seeking professional or legal advice is always helpful to make sure you are not transgressing any laws if you only intend to use it for novelty purposes. Check out also the Printed Hologram ID.