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Fake Identification Cards

Various Ways to Create a Fake ID Card



Sometimes, we want to give a gift that is humorous meaning it is interesting and at the same time funny. With this, a fake ID card is a good or perfect gift to give to someone.


There are now quick ways on how to create a fake ID if you want to create it on your own so that you can save time and money. The first thing that you have to do is to scan a real ID picture through the use of your scanner and computer. When doing this, make sure that you scan the front and back portion including the holographic elements to make it more real.


After scanning the image you must edit the scanned image through the use of a computer software that has the ability to edit photos. When you already found a computer software that could edit photos or images, you must find an ID picture that has the same resolution with that of the scanned image or ID. You can adjust the contrast and brightness feature so that the new ID picture will blend perfectly on the scanned image and you will actually see like a real ID.


Aside from the ID picture that you are going to edit, you must also edit the font style and size. You must search for a font style or font type that is the same as the fonts that are originally on the ID. This has a big impact on the design of the ID. You must type properly the name, address, and other pertinent information that you need on the Printed Holograms ID. The next thing that you need to do is purchase a paper with heavy hard stock so that you can print on it the front and back of the ID. After printing the colored ID, you must have scissors so that you can cut both the front and back of the ID. You must trim thoroughly the overlapping edges of the ID so that you can glue each side of the ID card properly and it will not look fake. You may also add additional hologram on the printed ID after you have glued each side of it to see the front and the back of the ID. After adding a hologram on the ID, you can laminate the ID so that it will look like a real.